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Sreesanth, Anup Jalota, Deepika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Sreesanth Road, Jasleen Matharoo, Saba Khan, Somai Khan, Surabhi Rana, Saurabh Patel, Shiv Ashish Mishra, Romili Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, and Urvashi Vani are still in Big Boss 12 house.

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Yesterday, we saw Sreesanth’s house fighting for change in behavior towards Deepika Kakar. Surabhi Rana got into an ugly spit on the proximity with Sreesanth along with Deepika.

Apart from this, after the horse carriage work, Deepak and Shivashish were declared winners by Big Boss. Today, we can expect to see another turn to create turmoil in the house.

Yes! The Big Boss will present a new task which will pit the lamp and Shivshish against each other for the side of the house.

In this work, we can expect to reveal the main secrets of the house and this will raise many eyebrows raised in the house. Deepak and Shivshish have to guess what is the secret and who guesses the most mysteries, they will win the captaincy work.

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In the promo, first released by the manufacturers, we saw that Jaslin was uncomfortable during the work and was leaving, while a special secret was revealed about him. Are the secrets going to affect Anup Jalota’s relationship with Jalota? Will this house make another disturbance after this disclosure?

The most important thing is who will be the new captain of the house. Let’s find out in today’s episode of Big Boss 12. Tune up Pinkiwala for all action live from inside the house.
9: 59: The fight between Sreesanth and Surabhi is on.

Surabhi says Sreesanth is not important for them. The next secret is up front. Surabhi is discussing with Somi that he is fine with the fact that Sreesanth has narrated her taunt. Deepak is trying to ask Saurabh if he has a secret.

Shiv and the lamp are discussing this work. Shiva says that whoever becomes the captain, they will become friends. Gong rings and lamps hit the buzzer and say that there is the secret of Karanveer. Big Boss told him that he is right.

The scores are tied now. Tomorrow, more secrets will be eliminated. Who will win? Watch for Pinkvilla for more updates.

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9:50 pm: Gong rings and Shiva named Jaslin and Big Boss told him that he is right. Shiva wins again and Deepak is angry with Jasleen for the help of Shiva. He tried to reason with him and told him that Shiva had already known about his secret.

Saba adds fuel to the fire and says that she should have been told the lamp and Shiva already knew that she should be helped to help her. There was a fight on the other side between Sreesanth and Surbhi when he told Big Boss to be assembled in front of the TV.

He commented that all the abusive people are here when Sreesanth was not there. This becomes the reason for their debate.

9:40 pm: The next secret is up and it’s about a person who is dating a celebrity and his current lover is not aware of this. Everyone guesses and Jasleen gets out of position. Shiva tries to discuss with Saurabh about who will be the house.

9: 32 pm: Deepak and Shiva go to everyone at home and ask them whether the secret on TV is theirs or not. Deepak Sreesanth, Khan sisters and everyone tells them to support them in the work and help them win.

Sreesanth is telling Deepak that if he has a secret then he will remove his band and the lamp will be able to guess that this is his secret. The first secret on the TV has been hoisted and Lamp goes to discuss this Karanveer. Shiva goes to Deepika and asks if she is their secret or not.

Shiva can be seen with Jasleen and Saurabh. Gong rings and Shiva first ring the buzzer and gives the name of Sreesanth. He wins in the first round. Shiv and Jasleen are talking to each other because he told the Big Boss that he tries to ask his secret.

The second secret is shown about a person who has learned to abuse at the age of 4 or 5 years. Everyone sees the secret on this mystery. Deepak and Shiva run after everyone to find out which is the secret.

The rings of Gong and Shiva first hit the buzzer. She is the name of the Surabhi and it is wrong. Deepak is the name Urvashi and it is right.

9:25 pm: Deepak Captain tries to convince Jasleen and Saurabh to vote for them during the work. Rumi argues with Sreesanth because he orders them to keep their charger back. They exchange both hot words.

Sreesanth lost his cool and Deepika and Srichi tried to calm him down. Saurabh explains to Rumil that he should have been asked before taking Sreesanth’s plugs. Mrs. also tries to tell Rumi that he should have been asked before taking Mr. K.’s plug. Surabhi accused Sreesanth of not working at home.

She says she can be an international cricketer out of the house, she can not lie on the bed here and can not work at home. Deepak takes a message to Sreesanth but he refuses to work and says that he has pain in his foot.

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Surabhi asked Sreesanth to go to the floor to request the climb. He denied. Karanveer is reading the rules of captaincy. The name of the work is Sansani Khej secrets. Deepak and Shiva have to guess which secret is hidden on the TV screen.

Whoever correctly guesses the mystery, then he will get a point. The one who gets the most points will become the captain. Surabhi has been made the director of the game.

9:16 pm: Romil, Saba, and Somi are discussing this work. Saba and Somi blamed him for helping Shiva win by asking them to give them carrots. Rumi dismissed his flaws. They get in a hot debate.

The lamp comes in the middle of interpreting your side. Somi added the lamp. After the argument, Somi can be seen crying. Day 32 begins with a song secret. Is this the captain pointing to work?

9:10 pm: Sreesanth is crying in the washroom and Deepika is trying to console her. She tells him that after leaving the house, the people of the house said a lot to him. He can be seen trying to reason with him.

Rumi is talking to Shiva and Deepak because they are trying to take a carrot to win the work. Saba and Somi are trying to do this before they come out. Sabah is talking about carrot with Romil, Saurabh and lamp. He ends up giving a carrot to the Romil.

Jaslin and Anup are discussing who is strong in this work. The Big Boss announced the end of the work and asked to count the carrots. Sreesanth is talking about Deepika from Rishi. After counting, Big Boss announced that Deepak and Shivshish won the work of horse carriage.

Both of them are nominated for captaincy work. Shiva is discussing with Surabhi, whom he will support in the captaincy work. She says she will support Deepak.

9:00 am: The conversation between Sreesanth was trying to explain to the lamp why he removed his name from the board. He apologized to the lamp which embraces it and becomes emotional.